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As Garner tries to revive its downtown, a tradition of art emerges

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November 30, 2017
By Tim Stevens

November 30, 2017


An old tradition has been renewed in this Wake County town: Christmas artwork on windows.

It’s the kind of tradition often seen in small towns, where the water tower might be bedecked in holiday lights. Garner is long past those small-town roots, but traditions die hard.

Now, every glass pane along Main Street in Garner is painted with a holiday theme.

“When we opened our business on Main Street in 2008, the downtown seemed so bleak and bland during the holidays,” said Stacy Kolacz of Grafixhouse Design Shop. “I wanted to do something to make it more festive.”


“I wish I had more time,” he said as he painted a blue box. “I’m not fast.”

But Tyson likes the idea of decorating for the holidays. “I’m glad to do it,” he said.

Downtown Garner doesn’t have a lot of browser-friendly businesses. The newly opened Full Bloom Coffee Roasters and the coin and collectable store are exceptions.

But the town is building a recreation center just up the street, and the Minor Key Brewery is in the process of opening in a space beneath painted signs that say “Coco-Cola 5 cent” and “Hobby Shoe Shop.” New commercial business properties are also planned.

“The idea right now is to get eyeballs downtown,” Howe said. “Downtown is changing.”

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