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Former ConAgra site eyed for development

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July 10, 2018

From the Triangle Business Journal
By Lauren K. Ohnesorge

A developer linked to Seattle e-retailer Amazon is finalizing plans with the town of Garner for “Project Axis,” a planned warehouse distribution facility at the old ConAgra site.

Officials have not identified the tenant, and are quick to point out that Dallas-based Hillwood has also developed projects for several other companies, from FedEx to PepsiCo.

“At this point anything is based on pure speculation,” says Joe Stallings, economic development director of the town of Garner. “All I can tell you is what’s public information.”

But, regardless of which company is bringing a warehouse distribution center to the town, it likely means jobs, he says, pointing to the firm's disclosed plans, which call for 1,800 parking spaces.

Town documents make no specific references to a job number.

On July 2, Garner Town Council approved a request by developer Hillwood “for proposed use of Warehouse and Freight Movement.”

But even elected officials don't know the name of the tenant, says Councilwoman Kathy Behringer.

“The only thing we know is the name of the development company,” she says. “Typically we don’t know. End users aren’t identified when we get a conditional use permit.”

Documents describe a storage facility with an accessory office, to be located on the long-vacant ConAgra site, located at 4851 Jones Sausage Road.

It's a site that, according to Behringer, has seen plenty of interest over the years.

“We’ve had high hopes,” she says. “We’ve had our fingers crossed for that site for a long time.”