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Hurricane Florence Relief Opportunity with M.K. Schwarz Tailor

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September 18, 2018

Sometimes, the neatest things get blown in by the weather…

I was contacted by Mia through my website, JUST333.biz, and was excited to meet her and hear about how I could help her. It turns out, she was looking for a bit of ‘how do I get this done’ assistance with a software I was familiar with. And, since -I love sharing my knowledge- I took on the task.

Of course, before we met, I scoured the internet (well, clicked the links in her email, anyway) and was greatly surprised by the type of work she does. Mia’s “true passion is repair and custom creation of military, law enforcement, and outdoor gear. Her professional resume includes big industry names like the Tactical Tailor custom shop and Mystery Ranch, as well as up-and-coming brands Spiritus Systems and ALCOR-USA.” 

And so comes Hurricane Florence and a passion meets a mission…. I was thinking about her Smoking Jackets today as I was also listening and viewing all the debris clean up and reading all the calls for support from not only the victims but also the first responders of whom is my nephew, stationed at the Beaufort Fire Department. (Not first responders but honored to mention my son and other nephew were in the US Navy, so this is subject is close to me.)

The following is provided for my posting here, with permission from Mia:

M K Schwarz / MKS Technical Sewing and Design LLC

"The Woobie Smoking Jackets are an immensely popular product that all started out as a joke. A couple of clients asked me to make them, those images vent viral, and before we knew it we couldn't keep up with production! When I say "we," I'm referring to myself and my team of cutters and seamstresses who are all military affiliated: active duty spouses, retiree spouses, and one mom. Our staff currently represents the Army, Air Force, and Marines. 

The woodland camo pattern is our most popular, and tugs at the heart strings of many retirees. The term "woobie" is a nickname for the poncho liner, and you can read more about that here: https://taskandpurpose.com/why-the-woobie-is-the-greatest-military-invention-ever-fielded/

They're a fun item to sell, and we had tens of thousands of military families affected by Hurricane Florence, so bringing back a quick limited run for a fundraiser just made sense. At this time I'm not sure exactly how we'll divvy up proceeds at the end of this sales period. I usually run a contest on Instagram or Facebook and let my followers decide! "

Mia Bowden, owner

(910) 986-7162





MKSchwarzTailor@gmail.com, Owner
(910) 986-7162