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Local Author and Artist Publish Children's Book about Growth and Change

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December 12, 2014
Two Garner natives, author Rosa Fattahi and artist Vincent Wood, have published a new children’s book together titled “Callie the Blue Caterpillar,” a story that stresses the importance of patience in growth and change
Garner natives and area locals, author Rosa Fattahi and renowned artist Vincent Wood, have just published a children’s book, their first collaborative endeavor. With its vibrant, original watercolor illustrations and an important lesson for youth navigating the changes of life, Callie the Blue Caterpillar has already been well-received.
The book tells the tale of a young caterpillar’s impatience to grow up and enjoy the freedoms of adulthood, but her longing turns to sadness when her friends begin changing before she does. But, once she finally emerges from the cocoon of her youth, Callie realizes her life is just beginning. Through Callie’s story, the work offers a timeless message of patience and perseverance through the struggles of growth and change.
 “A lot of children are in a hurry to grow up, or they feel sad because their friends are changing first. It can be scary, and I can remember feeling that way myself,” said author Fattahi. “So I wanted to write a story that would show kids that change comes for everyone in their own time, and also encourage them to enjoy their youth while they can.”
The story’s theme is not just for kids, though, and can apply to adults experiencing changes in their own lives. The artwork, too, was created with the goal of keeping parents as interested as the children.
“I think we go through things even as adults, you know, where we look forward to change – like marriage, kids, or the right career – and maybe feel frustrated when other people experience them first. So I illustrated the book hoping parents would enjoy the artwork as much as the story,” noted Wood.
Callie the Blue Caterpillar is available now from the publisher’s website at wordwisecreations.com. For book readings or more information, contact the author Rosa Fattahi at 919-971-3568.
About the Author
Rosa Fattahi is a professional writer and editor, the owner of WordWise Creations, and a 1993 alumni of Garner High School. After earning a Master’s degree in English, and prior to starting her own business, Rosa served as a high school English teacher, and her passion for education and learning is what sparked her desire to write her first children’s book.
About the Illustrator
Vincent Wood is a professional artist and a 1991 alumni of Garner High School. He has worked as an artist since childhood, and quickly etched his name in the field at a young age when Topps commissioned his work for their sports cards. Widely esteemed for his original murals, Vincent has created countless commissioned pieces for clients around the Triangle, including sports legend Kay Yow, local celebrity Scotty McCreery, Garner Mayor Ronnie Williams, and Angie’s Restaurant.

Rosa Fattahi
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