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Membership Campaign Results

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February 24, 2017

WE are the Chamber!
Let’s Grow Our Voice
Membership Development Campaign

Congratulations and thank you…. you recruited 34 new members!
Magdy Saad recruited the most new members:  8.  Magdy gets the “most members recruited” incentive of $500.
Each new member along with the person recruiting the new member were entered into a drawing, with the recruiter getting $500 and the new member getting the second year of membership at no charge.  Drawing results and winnings:

Magdy Saad: $500
Trade Ventures Stones: second year of membership at no charge
Congratulations to the winners!
Below is the total for each recruiter.  Honorable mention to Buddy Gupton/Team PAAL and Ronnie Thompson. 
Magdy Saad, Saad Investment Group – 8
Buddy Gupton, Jones Insurance/Team PAAL – 6
Ronnie Thompson, TT&E Iron & Metal – 5
Vivian McLaurin, Preferred Living Solutions – 3
Kara Crooks, Zin Yoga Studio & Wine Lounge – 2
Matt Davis, State Farm – 2
Suzy Phillips, International Minute Press – 2
Brent Wood, ABC Specialty Hauling – 1
Cathy Rackley – 1
Doris Huebner, McDonald's - 1
Melissa Oliver, YMCA – 1
Robert Doreauk, AT&T – 1
Terri Nielsen, Chamber – 1
Again, thank you to all those who recruited!