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WE ARE THE CHAMBER! Membership Development Campaign

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February 10, 2017

WE are the Chamber!
Let’s Grow Our Voice
Membership Development Campaign


Do you know a business that has not yet joined the Garner Chamber of Commerce? Maybe a business located near you, or someone you do business with?
The Chamber Board of Directors is encouraging you to recruit one new member during our membership campaign, running through 5:00 Thursday, February 23. 
As the Chamber (members, board of directors, staff)
WE are the voice of business.
WE serve our community.
WE advocate for members' business interests.
WE connect our members with other businesses and with elected officials.
WE help members save money through member-only benefits.
And WE want to grow our voice!
Our organization is governed by the business community (through the board of directors) and is made up of local businesses.
WE believe strongly in the work of the Chamber and we want to build our organization. The larger the organization, the stronger our voice, and the more effectively we can work.
For each new member you recruit, you will be entered into a drawing for $500. Bring in multiple members and increase the chance to win!  There’s another way to win $500:  the person bringing in the most new members will receive $500. 
There will also be a drawing for new members.  One new member will receive their membership renewal for free.
Critical projects the Chamber played vital role in:

  1. Infrastructure at Greenfield

  2. Timber Drive Extension

  3. White Oak/70 intersection

  4. Town Bond

  5. Broadway Voices to promote Garner to the region and become a destination

  6. Red Route

  7. Library

  8. Quest for All-America City

  9. Scotty hometown visit…Idol says best in their history and nominated for Emmy award

  10. Take positions that are in the interest of business (historic tax credit, healthcare, transit) and contact Governor/General Assembly/other elected officials.

  11. Regulation impacting local businesses.

Benefits that save you money.  Click for details:

  1. Access to Workers Comp Insurance at competitive

  2. Access to affordable telemedicine for you and your employees

  3. Special pricing on office supplies delivered next-day to your business

  4. Merchant service (credit card processing at your office, online, and mobile)

Events that educate, inform, engage, network with elected officials (CONNECT, WIB, Summit)
Showcase /market your business (through Website, expo opportunities at events, member announcements)
Connect/network/social opportunities (monthly Chamber breakfast & after-hours, reverse raffle)
Timely communication of news through e-News (includes member announcements)
Free ad in Garner Cleveland Record for new members.

Click here for application
or apply online:  http://business.garnerchamber.com/member/newmemberapp?_ga=1.190006120.274710939.1481306270
Membership levels (suggested, not required by number of employees)
These are the levels for small-to-medium sized companies.  Please contact the staff for larger company levels.
Regional Leader: $850
Your business is established and you're ready to give back to your community.
Pacesetter: $550
Designed for businesses with 25 or fewer employees.
Small Business: $450
Designed for companies with 10 or fewer employees.
Micro Enterprise: $325
Designed for sole proprietors, start-ups, or established companies with 5 or fewer employees.
Agent/Retiree: $120
For retired individual and those NOT affiliated with a business, and for realtors whose firm is a Chamber member.