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Storm update from Duke Energy

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March 05, 2018

March is definitely coming in like a lion today as we are seeing high winds and scattered outages across the Carolinas.

Line technicians, service crews and other personnel are available throughout the state and are actively responding to outages as they occur. Crews are able to work in any type of weather; however, work in elevated positions (like work performed from bucket trucks), during windy conditions requires additional safety precautions and will be performed when it is safe to make repairs. 

As always, I will be available to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact me at any time, at (919)546-3311

Power outages
You can find the latest information and report outages by:
  • View current outages online at www.duke-energy.com/outages;
  • Text OUT to 57801; or
  • Call our automated outage-reporting system at 1-800-POWERON (1-800-769-3766) if you are a Duke Energy Carolinas customer and 1-800-419-6356 if you are a Duke Energy Progress customer.
  • Note: If you see “assessing damage” on your outage report on the online map, that means we have yet to establish a time for when you can expect your power to be restored. Many times, we are able to complete simple repairs during the assessment phase. If so, your power may be restored before an estimated time of restoration is actually established.
Safety reminders
  • Stay away from downed or sagging power lines, and do not touch anything that is on or near a power line (i.e., trees or tree limbs, cars, ladders).
  • Downed trees and debris can conceal hazards, including power lines, so use caution as you walk or drive through your community.
  • If you are driving and encounter emergency responders or other roadside work crews, remember to MOVE OVER. It’s the law in North Carolina, but a good practice for all drivers.
  • Keep children and family pets away from areas where lines may have fallen (backyards, fields, school yards, etc.).
  • If a power line falls across a car that you're in, stay in the car. If you MUST get out of the car due to a fire or other immediate life-threatening situation, do your best to jump clear of the car and land on both feet. Be sure that no part of your body is touching the car when your feet touch the ground.
  • Report all power line hazards to Duke Energy
  • Families who have special medical needs or elderly members should closely monitor weather forecasts and make plans for potential alternate arrangements should an extended outage occur.