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Alossi Spa Honors Community Builders

We need your help! Please head to the Alossi Renewal Spa facebook page and nominate a deserving community builder.

Alossi Spa is celebrating 11 years of living out our vision to be the sanctuary that decreases your stress, improves your well-being, calms your spirit and inspires you to make a difference in your community. Since day one we have been committed to caring for and giving back to those in need.. We have raised money for and supported many local charities.
We want to use our anniversary celebration as an opportunity to honor our community builders. What is a community builder? Someone who uses their time and gifts to help others. Someone with a servant’s heart. Their actions make a difference in the lives of their neighbors in need, and help build a better, brighter future for everyone.
We want you to nominate your favorite “Community Builder.” Go to the Alossi Renewal Spa Facebook page. Post a picture of the person you are nominating and tell us how they make a difference in their community (100 words or less).
The deadline to nominate someone is September 23rd..
On September 24th we will randomly draw 3 nominees and post them on our Facebook page. The person with the most likes at 6pm on September 27th wins a prize pack from Alossi Spa!

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