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HearingLife of Garner Gives Back!

HearingLife in Garner participates in the National Campaign for Better Hearing, which has a Give Back program. For every hearing evaluation we complete, our company donates $5 to a national fund to provide free hearing aids to individuals who can't afford them.

HearingLife Garner nominated one of our local patients, George Muldrow, who was selected to receive a pair of top-of-the-line hearing aids at no charge! Our new hearing care provider, David Prahl was honored to present Mr. Muldrow with his new hearing aids on Thursday, April 29th.

Mr. Muldrow is  a very sweet man, a long-time patient, who has some serious medical issues due to a serious accident. He was trapped in his workshop when it caught fire, and was severely burned. His old hearing aids were damaged in the fire, and he was unable to replace them. 

With COVID, and his injuries, he became more and more isolated, being unable to communicate with family and friends. He was unable to listen to the television and since he has to quarantine to prevent infection, could not communicate with his children and grandchildren. 

Mr. Muldrow and his sweet wife, Kathryn, are thrilled that he can hear again and can once again participate in life! We had a lot of fun with Mr. And Mrs. Muldrow talking about the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings, and are thankful that we work for a company that Gives Back to help others live their best lives! 

Call us at 919-661-0800 to schedule a complementary hearing health evaluation, welcome David to Garner, and donate to the National Campaign for Better Hearing's Give Back Fund.

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