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Local Business Renovation Discounts

In light of our current situation, now is the best time to renovate/paint your restaurant, offices etc., while they are at reduced capacity or empty.

If there’s a project you've wanted to accomplish, now would be the most prudent time to complete it.

To assist you with the financial uncertainty of this unprecedented time we are offering $500 off any job priced at $5000 or more.

In addition we will offer you another $250 off for a referral to any other business that is priced at $2500 or more once we sign a contract on the job.

Like the infomercial used to go, but wait there's more! Until the end of August we will allow deferred payments.

You only have to pay your deposit and then the remaining amount due can be financed directly through us with absolutely zero interest.

Email us at or give our office a call at 919-301-8320.

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