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Welcome to the Chamber, Excel with Me Training & Consulting LLC!

Welcome to the Chamber!

Janet Ickes, Owner of Excel with Me Training & Consulting, Speaker, Author, and Virtual CFO, inspires, educates and empowers business owners to work smarter, not harder. She helps them implement and utilize proven systems and tools to increase profits and build solid client relationships, through group and individual hands-on coaching & training programs.
Janet helps them discover where their money is really going so that they can manage their cash flow, reduce their stress and focus more on their business. Janet also develops customized money management options for her clients. 

With a 20-year corporate career in accounting and payroll management in various industries, Janet has become an expert in financial management and budgeting.
Her new book ''Money Doesn't Spend Itself...So, Where Did It Go'' is an easy-to-follow guide with simple actionable steps to reach successful budgeting and money management. Available on Amazon.

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