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Remove Homebound Stress: Clear Your Clutter to Increase Profit, Productivity and Peace of Mind!

Painfully focusing on the non-stop news cycle regarding the C-Virus situation is an emotionally damaging exercise in futility, for it is doing nothing to help millions encased in a state of limbo within their private domiciles. Constant contact with family members can surely create additional stress unless some form of positive emotional and physical activity is implemented, and the answer lies is fast-tracking postponed personal and business organizational projects lurking in the background of our lives. Fully aware everyone possesses such baggage, Barbara Hemphill, author of Less Clutter More Life, focuses on breaking through the emotional barriers preventing us from moving forward on multiple organizational fronts. 

Undue emotional and pocketbook damage flows from our inability to realize what is barring progress and overcoming the prime emotion involved: FEAR. Hemphill, founder of the Productive Environment Institute, has been witness to both sides of the equation and is extending a helping hand during this bizarre time in world history. During a recent radio show she talked about PEI's Free Quarantine Quickstart Webinar as a first step in breaking through the intellectual and emotional roadblocks inhibiting the second, third and fourth steps. 

Quarantine Quickstart is a 90-day version of PEI's popular Office Transformation Quickstart and it could very well be what millions need as nerves get frayed and tempers grow short. Becoming immersed in projects requiring intense attention to detail, with possibilities for emotional and monetary rewards, could save relationships of all kinds and create new opportunities. 

Barbara Hemphill's radio show with James Lowe was edited into a series of four podcasts and then two of them were edited into Radio Show Videos to showcase the vital aspects of her work. They can all be accessed below.   

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