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Resources for Reopening Businesses Under New Restrictions

As businesses prepare to reopen in the coming weeks, there are many things to consider but the main priority should be keeping your customers and employees safe.
Blu Site Solutions has a variety of hand hygiene options that will allow you to be confident that you are doing everything in your power to promote a safe and healthy experience for all who enter your business.
Our Hand Hygiene options include:

  • Hand Sanitizing Stations with 2-4 hand sanitizer dispensers. This option is great for high traffic areas and is very easy to move throughout the day.
  • Hand Wash Stations with running water and a soap dispenser. This option is great for providing customers and employees hand wash options that do not require going into a restroom or kitchen where sinks are typically found.
There are a variety of businesses that are unable to provide consistently clean restrooms for their employees and customers. This can become a problem as more people begin to visit businesses in person but a still concerned about health risks. Blu Site Solutions has many portable toilet options that will allow customers to feel more secure about using your restroom facilities.
  • Restroom Trailer options allow for a separate bathroom space. This is often common for businesses who do not want their employees to use the customer restrooms.
  • Portable Toilets are a great way to allow proper social distancing while visiting the restroom. This option is ideal for smaller businesses who are unable to provide the space necessary for social distancing guidelines.
  • Handicapped Accessible units are also available for customers and employees to utilize with ease. These are a great option for a space with more room to assist an elderly user or have a child that needs assistance.
All our restroom options have available upgrades including LED motion lights and hand sanitizer dispensers within the unit.
All Blu Site Solutions products are thoroughly sanitized before delivery. Monthly rental includes weekly service, but additional services are available as an option.
For more information: visit our website at or call (800)682-7023

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