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Welcome to the Chamber, Juice Plus+ /Purvis Group!

Do you struggle to eat enough fruits and vegetables every day? How about your family members, any picky eaters?

The World Health Organization recommends eating 10 servings of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every day. 

Juice Plus+® is on a mission to make healthy habits easier to achieve. Our products provide plant-based nutrition from 40 different fruits, veggies, oils, and grains in capsule and chewable form. It bridges the gap between what we do eat to what we should eat. If you are interested in gardening, we have an easy way to grow clean produce vertically and aeroponically with our Tower Garden. 

We also have a program that offers Juice Plus+ free to children ages 4-18 and college students. 

Gay Purvis, Team Leader, is passionate about helping families thrive through better, whole food nutrition and is happy to talk with you!   

For more information: Juice Plus+

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