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Welcome to the Chamber, Art Positive!

Welcome to the Chamber!

Art can open new doors of discovery for you or a loved one. Art Positive’s programs help you focus on goals and enjoy the outcomes. Their programs unfold easily and without frustration. If you need to learn a new way of accomplishing tasks, or if you're already an artist looking for inspiration, they hope you’ll join them in one of their classes for children or adults. Even if you're experiencing a mental health condition or an impairment of any kind, you will benefit from this experience of therapeutic art.


Lynn Accongio Soles, more commonly known as Lynn Soles is the owner of Art Positive and is an award-winning artist and art teacher since 1988.  She lives in Clayton NC and her work has been featured in galleries and in murals throughout North Carolina and South Carolina before starting Art Positive. 


Featured in ARTS NOW in Durham, NC, you can YouTube her @ Lynn Accongio Artist to Watch. Lynn has taught National Art Scholars, State Fair Winners, Grass Roots Arts Programs, NC Museum of Art features, and implemented the accreditation of The Art Enrichment Program from Association of Christian Schools Inc. 

Lynn mentors many young people as an art teacher who have chosen to move on to art careers, sharing her love of art in a nurturing and challenging atmosphere. 

For more information: 
Art Positive NC 

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