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Welcome to the Chamber, Nigel Elkan, Certified Business Coach!

Welcome to the Chamber!

Let's develop and refine your new plan. Yes, there are still many unknowns--but working with what we DO know, how are you going to change your business? What are the NEW opportunities that are becoming available? How are you going to adapt and change. Evolution is about "Survival of the Most Adaptable". But let's go beyond Survival. Let's Thrive!


Talk to me. Let's look at the scenarios and find the best plan for you and your business. I will work with you to refine your business pivot and diversification. I will help dramatically reduce fear and doubt, and replace it with realistic achievable goals..


I am a seasoned business leader who will assist you in meeting organizational objectives through assessing needs and providing tools to resolve difficulties and performance issues. As a successful Senior Executive, I have built multiple businesses from start-up to successful exits. I have also built very large businesses with Fortune 500 companies--including IBM and Cisco. I will use my developed management skills to assist with business structure, product portfolios, team building and sales. I am a forward thinker and skilled problem solver who will help deliver BOTH near term benefits and help guide you on your path to your vision.

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