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Welcome to the Chamber, THE BOARD OF ADVISORS LLC !

Welcome to the Chamber!

During these unprecedented times, are you finding yourself needing to do more with less? Are 
you having to work 50-60 hrs per week to compensate? What burdens is that placing on you, your leadership team, and your family?
Today, are you meeting your goals? Exceeding your goals? In either case, could your team be holding you back from obtaining more?
Have you heard the saying “get the right people in the right seats”? If so, what statistical data are you using to define the seat and assess whether the person is an optimal fit? Or in other words their Job Fit.
Now picture where you are today and your vision for the future. What statistical data are you using that gives you a high level of confidence that the people that got you here, can get you there?
As a business advisory firm, we work with CEO’s, Business Owners and other Visionary Executives to identify, address and resolve all of these challenges and more. We’re at the cutting-edge of predictive behavioral analytics. We’re the only program on the market that assesses employee capability and productivity. We use advanced statistics to predict job behavior, job fit and job success, in under 10 minutes to drive more money to your bottom line.
We believe, as our clients do, that their employee’s capability and productivity are the #1predictor of the company’s future health, wealth and sustainability. If any of these challenges resonate with you, we offer a complimentary demo to show you how we can help.
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